About Us

The Design-Build Institute of America (DBIA) is an association of leaders in the design and construction industry utilizing design-build and integrated project delivery methods to achieve high performance projects. (Click here for DBIA’s vision, mission and values.)

Founded in 1993, and headquartered in Washington, D.C., DBIA proudly stands as the only membership organization bringing together thousands of organizations and individuals representing architects, engineers, public and private owners, general and specialty contractors, manufacturer and suppliers, students, college and university faculty, legal and finance professionals and many more. In summary, DBIA is the design and construction industry’s hub — the only organization that makes whole the industry’s many parts.

The Designated Design-Build Professional™ program is intended to establish an accepted and recognized standard of design build knowledge and experience. DBIA certifies design and construction practitioners as well as other professionals working in the design-build arena. Through coursework and testing, these individuals demonstrate an understanding of best-practices in every phase of design-build project delivery, from proposal preparation to substantial completion. DBIA certification is aimed at all members of the project team — from owner’s representatives and legal professionals to designers, contractors, and sub-contractors.

The program has been developed for and by professionals commissioning and contributing to public, commercial, civil and process projects. DBIA’s Certification Board endorses the program.

DBIA focuses its efforts on increasing the successful use of innovative design-build teams on non-residential building, civil infrastructure and process industry projects. Best practices are disseminated through educational programsand conferences, publications such as the DBIA IQ: Integration Quarterly journal and the Design-Build Manual of Practice, and legislative efforts at the federal and state level. The prestigious annual National Design-Build Awardscompetition highlights successful design-build projects across all sectors. DBIA’s 14 regions provide membership benefits at the local level, while also reaching out to owners to promote increased awareness, understanding and use of successful design-build project delivery.