DBIA represents “A Better Way of Doing Business”

DBIA is the premier organization for individuals and companies who embrace traditional values in design and construction and are looking for a better way of doing business. Concepts such as teamwork, collaboration and trust serve as the foundation for innovation and creativity among DBIA members. Employing these concepts gives our members an integrated advantage which makes their business process a cut above the rest.

Why Design-Build?

DBIA focuses on discovering, refining and teaching techniques and practices that enable high-performance design and construction. The methods we advocate result in success on all types of projects – large and small, simple and complex, horizontal and vertical, in the U.S. and throughout the world.

High-performance design and construction results in:

  • Time Savings (an average of 12% saving on construction time and 33% savings on overall project completion)
  • Cost Savings (an average of 6% reduction in overall costs)
  • Higher Quality and Owner Satisfaction
  • Less litigation

DBIA’s Role in the Design-Build Industry:


Each year, DBIA offers three conferences that give attendees an opportunity to learn about design-build at its best, meet industry leaders and network with owners and practitioners. The Design-Build Conference and Expo is held each autumn and covers the widest range of design-build projects. The Design-Build in Transportation and Design-Build for Water/Wastewater Conferences focus on those industry segments, offering a more detailed view of those specialties. And the Federal Sector Conference addresses issues associated with working for the federal government. All conferences feature the Owners’ Forums, which give project owners an opportunity to meet with their peers and discuss problems and solutions common to all.


“We Teach How” is not just a slogan. DBIA is committed to teaching how to use integrated project delivery effectively. DBIA’s Education Tour offers courses across the country; these courses are developed to give practical “how to” information about design-build. They are developed by DBIA, calling on the knowledge and experience of industry leaders, and address everything from the basic concepts underlying the design-build method of project delivery to the advanced application of those concepts. They transmit practical information that can be used in the office and in the field.

Many cutting-edge business techniques have grown out of DBIA’s education programs and member best practices. Among them are the use of preambles, performance statements of work, two-phase source selection, qualifications-based selection and best-value competition.

Professional Certification

Education is the path to achieving the Designated Design-Build Professional™ credential, a credential that is becoming increasingly important for both individuals and the companies that employ them. Professional DBIA™certification is a sign that an individual has knowledge of and experience in the field; the Associate DBIA™ credential shows that an individual has the knowledge but has not yet had years of experience. Both are recognized as indicators of a person who is serious about their profession.

Business Growth Tools


DBIA members can expand their business opportunities using epipeline, which links subscribers to government business opportunities. Through epipeline, DBIA members can bring over 14,000 federal contracting opportunities and 16,000 local and state opportunities to their desks. With hundreds of thousands of government contracts available, epipeline has the information members need to get into the competition.

Federal and State Legislation

DBIA members have access to summaries of state and federal legislation. They can find out how design-build is used in their states, see what federal programs are ongoing there. And if the news isn’t good, they can get involved and help change it.

Membership Directory

The annual Membership Directory lists thousands of professionals; members are also in our searchable database. Members enjoy increased exposure within the design-build community and a better way to connect with their peers.

DBIA Regions

DBIA has fostered a network of 14 Regions that work locally to advance design-build and promote networking. Student Chapters are also expanding and increasing in number at leading colleges and universities. Anyone who joins DBIA National automatically becomes a member of their local Region and its local network.


In today’s environment, the need for cross-sector collaboration is more important than ever before. DBIA – the Design-Build Institute of America – proudly stands as the only membership organization bringing together thousands of organizations and individuals representing the entire range of the design and construction community, as well as many of the associated fields.

Only at DBIA do all these professionals meet face-to-face as equals engaged in a sincere effort to identify challenges and develop solutions that benefit the entire industry – not just an individual segment. For this reason alone, no matter what other specialized organization they belong to, more and more professionals find DBIA membership essential.